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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Updated guide on how to make Meego look like Moblin


What a fantastic response all the Moblin work has caused. Thanks for all the positive comments from all those not so secret Moblin fans out there.

Things have moved on and I am pleased to say that there is now a really easy way to make you MeeGo device or netbook look more like the Moblin interface that we all know and loved of (not so) old.

Again the reasons for doing all of this are 100% consistent with why I use FOSS in the first place and why on my netbook I use Meego. I want it to work for me and also look and feel great.

I had to reinstall MeeGo on my netbook a while ago and took the opportunity to collaborate with Meego User flexer as well as robotnO again and use flexer’s Moblin Transformation which is much easier than a lot of the edits that I first used as well as using a more sustainable method of editing your theme properly.

This is the current Meego theme that you may have now

This then is what mine looks like now!

This is what I prefer about Moblin set up on Meego

How to do it now:

First thing you need to do is download the latest version of flexers Meego Moblin transformation pack which is kept up to date here from flexers Dropbox:

You should also download and use their Icons package that they have been busy working on:

The original post on the Meego forums is here to check if there are updated versions

He has also written an excellent how to here in English:

The guide is very straight forward and unlike my earlier one encourages you to back up each folder that you replace just in case you change your mind and want to go back.

In essence you are going to be copying and pasting a few folders with all of the changes made for you so it should not take any time what so ever.

Once you have downloaded both packs you can extract them both into your Downloads folder or wherever you wish. In them both you will see the folders referred to in this guide.

Skills required:

Using the terminal
Extracting files using archive manager
Copy and pasting
Renaming files
10- 15 minutes

It is worth it and you will not be disappointed .

Here is how to change your theme:

1) Open the terminal and type:
sudo nautilus
Nautilus opens then as root (you are in charge!)
2) Navigate to the folder /usr/share/. (you can also press ctrl and L and type in the location). Also open a new tab which shows your downloaded and extracted folders from above.
Rename the folder called  “mutter-meego” to  “mutter-meego-old”. Click into the Downloads Folder and copy here the folder  “mutter-meego” present in the transformation pack. Then go back to the usr/share/ tab and paste it in. Once you have pasted the folder, right-click on it, select properties, then permissions and set permissions so it says the following:
Owner – create and delete files
Group – Access to files
Others – Access files.
Click on apply permissions to files

3) Go to /usr/share/themes/ and rename the “netbook” to “netbook-old.” Now as before copy and paste  both  “Moblin Netbook” and “netbook” from the transformation pack.

Now again as before but for both pasted folders, select Properties, then permissions and set the permissions so:

Owner – create and delete files
Group – Access to files
Others – Access files.
Click on apply permissions to files

4) Go in /usr/share/Meego-panel-devices/theme. Rename the folder power-icon to old-power-icon. Then copy and paste the power-icon folder from in the transformation pack.
5) Go to /usr/share/Meego-panel-myzone/. Rename the folder theme to old-theme. Copy and paste the folder theme  from the transformation pack.
6) Go to /usr/share/Meego-panel-networks/. Rename the folder icons to old-icons. Copy and paste the folder icons  from the transformation pack.
Now close Nautilus which will also end your root priveliges.
7) Restart Nautilus as normal go to your home folder, press CTRL + H to show all hidden folders. Go to Folder. “Icons” (if not present create it – right click select new) and add the folders “Mynetbook” and “flexmoblin” from the transformation pack.
Close nautilus.
8) Now in terminal type “gnome-appearance-properties.” Now in the “Themes” select “Moblin Netbook”, then click on “customize”. In the tab “controls”, select “Moblin-netbook”; in the tab “window frame” select “Netbook”; in the tab “icons”  select “Mynetbook” or “flexmoblin” which ever suits you. Finally, in the tab “pointer”, select “Moblin”.

You are done!

Restart the netbook!

Now you will have a moblin look (especially if you chose “flexmoblin” icons theme).

Changing backgrounds
In the pack there is a folder “wallpaper” with some familiar backgrounds that Flexer has added
For instance you could set the MyZone background cat.png; toys.jpg as background; for system shutdown He has used  shutdown-1024×600.png and as a picture of startup system he used splash.png or splash2.png by replacing the default img in the folder /usr/share/plymouth.

He has also created people1.png (rename people.png once copied) to replace the default image in /usr/share/Meego-panel-people/theme.

If you like that he has created peoplestatus.png (rename people.png once copied) to replace the default image in /usr/share/Meego-panel-status/theme.Lastly he has created peoplezone.png (rename people.png once copied) to replace the default image in /usr/share/Meego-panel-zones.

All that remains to say is a huge 

Grazie Mille Flexer

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meego 1.1.4 Release Update

Brief update for meego users.

Meego users may have noticed that there is an upgrade to Meego 1.1 which takes it to 1.1.4

Lots of bug fixes as well as facebook panels for people who use that.

I upgraded by opening a terminal and typing the following:

su -l
zypper patch
zypper refresh
zypper update
zypper dist-upgrade

You may see some errors about delta rpms reported but this did not seem to affect my upgrade.

I rebooted and as written before the update included a kernel update which reliably and immdiately broke my Broadcom wifi driver.

I was able to reinstall that very easily using my earlier post.


ps word from Meego is that the release of Meego 1.2 is now slightly delayed until around the 19th May. Whether you will be able to upgrade from 1.1 I am not yet sure but I will probably reinstall Meego 1.2 from scratch.

pps For those of you that have installed the moblin interface theme and interface you will also get a new (blue) wifi indicator which will need to be re Moblined!

Flexer who created the excellent Moblin transformation pack has suggested that you need to open a terminal and type sudo nautilus and then in nautilus go to /usr/share/meego-panel-networks/icons. In here create a folder named "bkp" and move all icons present in here. Then go back to the moblin transformation pack you have stored away and copy all the old network icons from in the folder "icons" in the moblin transformation pack.

When you reboot your moblin theme will return as it was.