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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now you need to look after your new Moblin styled Meego

or ....Updates and protecting your new moblin meego

Bit of a warning here. When you next upgrade your meego the updater will automatically recognise that your meego theme is out of date and will reinstall the meego-netbook-theme....AGH!!!

This will not only put grey back all over your netbook but also remove the lovely boot splashes and shutdown screens you got to love all over again.

In a few short moments all your precious work will be grey and the cartoon figures will be back again.

However all is not lost.

How do I know this?

It happened to me last night. I knew thanks to a warning from meego user robotnO that any changes were at risk because of updates so I had been putting off an upgrade for while. I am used with using Ubuntu to having lots of regualr updates but meegos are not so frequent and sometimes will rebreak my wifi although that is easy to fix again.

First update issue

After running 
sudo zypper dist-upgrade
the terminal told me that I would need to reinstall meego-netbook-theme AND worse delete my moblin-gtk-engine as it has been superceded by the meego file. 

There were other updates that seemed to be upgraded some software and rebranding it including the wl-kmod programme so I assumed I would have to refix the wifi by rebuilding the slaine rpm which I have advised however I will do a new blog about that next to help you learn how to sort out your own wireless if you have Broadcom wireless. This will leave you more independent and less reliant on others....hopefully ;)

However as it happened maybe because there was no new kernel the wifi seemed to be fine infact maybe it is all now within the meego package brand it may have changed...we will see ( I will do a post on the forums to check this) 

Anyway ...upgrade done...reboot undertaken and the first thing to note is the return of the figure waving you goodbye....grrr!

and the meego boot splash is back

How to resolve

It could not be easier

It is really as simple as redoing the process in my last blog

I opened a terminal and removed the meego-netbook-theme

I copied the moblin gtk-theme rpm to my home folder (for ease) 

typed ls to get the correct name for the moblin gtk engine rpm 

typed sudo zypper install 'correct moblin-gtk-theme name'

and it was reinstalled

Type sudo nautilus 

I rechecked in usr/share/icons to ensure that all the icons and themes were in place

Then I replaced the moblin splash.png as well as the shutdown screen splash using the method in the previous blog.

It is often a good idea not only to back up what you are replacing but also what you have put in in case you need to redo it. I tended to shove all the moblin stuff in a dropbox folder called moblin stuff then I know what is in it.

A quick reboot and the moblin was back 

So lesson 1 if you want to maintain and future proof your new moblin meego is to keep the old moblin-gtk-engine in your home folder

Lesson 2 is when you want to do an upgrade then, you will notice that the meego-netbook-theme is always reinstalled and your moblin-gtk-engine is removed
Lesson 3 is automatically after you run your updates remove the new meego-netbook-theme and reinstall the moblin-gtk-engine rpm

If you do this automatically you should be able to keep your new meego like moblin.

Let me know how you get on

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