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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now you need to look after your new Moblin styled Meego

or ....Updates and protecting your new moblin meego

Bit of a warning here. When you next upgrade your meego the updater will automatically recognise that your meego theme is out of date and will reinstall the meego-netbook-theme....AGH!!!

This will not only put grey back all over your netbook but also remove the lovely boot splashes and shutdown screens you got to love all over again.

In a few short moments all your precious work will be grey and the cartoon figures will be back again.

However all is not lost.

How do I know this?

It happened to me last night. I knew thanks to a warning from meego user robotnO that any changes were at risk because of updates so I had been putting off an upgrade for while. I am used with using Ubuntu to having lots of regualr updates but meegos are not so frequent and sometimes will rebreak my wifi although that is easy to fix again.

First update issue

After running 
sudo zypper dist-upgrade
the terminal told me that I would need to reinstall meego-netbook-theme AND worse delete my moblin-gtk-engine as it has been superceded by the meego file. 

There were other updates that seemed to be upgraded some software and rebranding it including the wl-kmod programme so I assumed I would have to refix the wifi by rebuilding the slaine rpm which I have advised however I will do a new blog about that next to help you learn how to sort out your own wireless if you have Broadcom wireless. This will leave you more independent and less reliant on others....hopefully ;)

However as it happened maybe because there was no new kernel the wifi seemed to be fine infact maybe it is all now within the meego package brand it may have changed...we will see ( I will do a post on the forums to check this) 

Anyway ...upgrade done...reboot undertaken and the first thing to note is the return of the figure waving you goodbye....grrr!

and the meego boot splash is back

How to resolve

It could not be easier

It is really as simple as redoing the process in my last blog

I opened a terminal and removed the meego-netbook-theme

I copied the moblin gtk-theme rpm to my home folder (for ease) 

typed ls to get the correct name for the moblin gtk engine rpm 

typed sudo zypper install 'correct moblin-gtk-theme name'

and it was reinstalled

Type sudo nautilus 

I rechecked in usr/share/icons to ensure that all the icons and themes were in place

Then I replaced the moblin splash.png as well as the shutdown screen splash using the method in the previous blog.

It is often a good idea not only to back up what you are replacing but also what you have put in in case you need to redo it. I tended to shove all the moblin stuff in a dropbox folder called moblin stuff then I know what is in it.

A quick reboot and the moblin was back 

So lesson 1 if you want to maintain and future proof your new moblin meego is to keep the old moblin-gtk-engine in your home folder

Lesson 2 is when you want to do an upgrade then, you will notice that the meego-netbook-theme is always reinstalled and your moblin-gtk-engine is removed
Lesson 3 is automatically after you run your updates remove the new meego-netbook-theme and reinstall the moblin-gtk-engine rpm

If you do this automatically you should be able to keep your new meego like moblin.

Let me know how you get on

Monday, February 07, 2011

Making Meego REALLY look like Moblin


Ok in my previous blog I showed you a hints for some minor changes to make your Meego less Meego ish and more like Moblin like this



Just to clarify why I am doing this as it does take a bit of time and involves new skills. At least it certainly did for me with Linux. It also involves messing with stuff that sits deep within the file system.

That said I did it with help and patience from Meego Forum member and looking back on it, it was not so scarey. I

The main reason as I have gone through in other post  (LINK) is that I really liked both the look and feel of Moblin and got some way with some minor changes and hacks to get a system that was fine and more like Moblin that Meego.


I could not change the theme – grr!
Nor could I change the panel – grrrr!
Nor could I change the icons  - roar! Ok maybe not roar! More grrrrr!

I was enjoying the stability of Meego with fairly regular updates (some more regular than others but I was getting itchy feet and although I was not going to reinstall Moblin again as it is now ‘deprecated’ (that means dead to you and me but I thought it sounded more techie !)

I wanted the minimalism within Meego that I had with Moblin. That meant black backgrounds and simple icons and I wanted to have the white Moblin Icons back on the panel.

Not much really

So. Quite simple The very worst I would do was break it and then I would have to reinstall it again which I have not done I think since late Oct/November  ( a personal record for me on this netbook I would like to remind you as it is officially February as I write this.

Who  - I did this with Meego user robotnO without whom I would not have been able to start this. Our paths crossed when he and me both voiced our passion about Moblin’s looks in many topics on the Meego netbook forums and eventually in one topic we met up and then agreed to meet up online to sort this. Once and for all!

Thanks again friend for helping me and keeping me on the path to moblin freedom

Also a big thanks to al the others who have helped spur me on to do this and more recently have added stuff like meego user bcrawford without who help I would not have a splash screen like a do ;)

What you will need
Ok like all good students of Blue Peter in BBC in the UK (many)years ago, this is what you will need:
a About an hour spare should be more than enough
b These 7  files below which are in my dropbox public folder so help yourself.

c You are also going to be in your file system so you are going to learn a sneaky (ok lazy !)way to back up 

d An abililty to do a screen shot..learn how to and then you can show off your new Moblin Meego! On my pc is next to F12 but others may differ.

Moblin GTK Engine  (link to the Moblin GTK engine)
This needs installing to replace the Meego one which will be deleted!

Moblin Mutter Panel (Moblin Panel)
Download from here to your home folder if possible. This is the replacement panel with Moblin type white icons and the colour ones for when you hover over that will replace the ones you have already.

Replacement Mutter moblin css file (replacement mutter-meego.css

Moblin theme (Moblin Netbook theme)
This is all the theme details you will need to enable your netbook to have the old Moblin theme/colours etc

Moblin Icons (moblin icons folder)
These will be the ones that will replace the Meego theme

Moblin Battery Icons (recycled battery icons !)
To replace meego battery icons
Moblin Web Browser (Moblin Internet Browser!)
For that extra Moblin effect

If I were you I would create a new folder in your home folder or desktop called Moblin

Step 1 The Meego Panel 

1          Replace the Panel 

It is the thing that I really did not like about Meego but loved in Moblin so it is first on my list.

To change you’re my zone Panel you are going to have to replace all of the icons at the top with the Moblin ones. This involves one direct copy of all the files (except those for Battery/Power) which are contained in the Moblin Panel tar.gz Here is how to do it.

a Unrar (uncompress) the tar.gz file by right clicking on it and use archive manager to extract it to your home folder (much easier!)

b Open Terminal and type:
sudo nautilus 

This will open your file manager as root as you are going to have to make alterations to your file system (red lights flashing etc)
When nautilus opens up I open up 2 tabs

One has the folder Panel which I have just extracted from the tar.gz file above and the other you will need to navigate through to

You will see many folders and files but one (panel) is the same name as the one you just extracted.
In there are all the icons you currently use in your toolbar
You can (should get into the habit-I never used to but do now) back up this folder.For me I merely clicked on the panel folder and pressed alt-f2 to rename it and added a 1so it said Panel1

C I then copied the panel from the home folder and pasted it into the mutter-meego folder.
Now your netbook has a Panel folder full of moblin icons and a back up folder of Meego ones
It will also thanks to robotn0 have a nice logo on the left but it you know how to use gimp ( I do not have the patience you could put your own logo in or even your picture!

At this point if this were to go wrong you would reverse the process above ie you would delete the  new Panel folder and hen rename Panel1 to Panel and you will be back to square one. 

If you were to reboot now you would have a toolbar that look nearly the same as moblin toolbar except the battery icon would be coloured

2          Replace Battery Icons

These were a pain to find and sort for me but it will not be for you as I have created a .tar.gz file with them in and renamed them (meego called them different names than moblin just to help!)  I noticed that not all of the icons are the same for the relative power levels so I have changed them slightly

With nautilus open still navigate out of mutter-meego and find Meego-panel-devices and navigate to Power icons in themes ie:


In there are your Meego battery icons (nice enough but not the same!) 

This is what they look like
In your other tab navigate back to where you downloaded the dalston battery folder located in the power icon.tar.gz  (Dalston as it took me a while to find out was where Moblin stored its battery icons)
You will need to create a back up folder in your Meego devices/Power icons tab called oldmeeegobatteryicons or something. Then note the names for all the various states for your battery and power. 

I have renamed all the files from dalston to replicate the various states so you do not have to as the moblin ones were different.

You need to move all the old Meego battery icons to the back up folder you created and then copy the folders from you uncompressed power-icons.tar.gz to replace them.

3          Replace the CSS file

This will tell your Meego panel be just like the Moblin panel (ie when hovered over do this , that colour etc)
In your home folder navigate to the downloaded replacement mutter-meego.css and copy and past it over the old mutter-meego.css in


It should ask if you want to overwrite it – click yes or back up as I have shown elsewhere by renaming as mutter-meego1.css and then copy and pasting the new replacement file over

Now for a reward for you patience!

Reboot and your panel should now look like mine above

Step 2 Getting rid of the Meego theme and replacing it with Moblin

a Installing the theme
Compared with step 2 this was strangely easy
Open up nautilus as root again as it step 1 as we will have to do some copying in the files system
First open the terminal and remove the meego-netbook-theme
Then navigate to the folder where your moblin gtk-engine.rpm has been stored and type
ls to check the correct name of the gtk-engine then 
 sudo zipper install  #name of gtk engine# 
Back in nautilus then copy the moblin theme folder to the
usr/share/theme folder
Also copy the moblin icons folder to the
usr/share/icons folder

This is what some of them will look like
b Selecting your theme
Reboot your pc and then open terminal and enter 
and select the moblin theme 
I also set up so the moblin icons and black and white colours were there but you can choose yourself what you would like
Getting this right I guess depended how (if you had moblin before) how you had it set up

You are done!

Reboot and there you go …your are running Meego but it looks like moblin
You have changed not only the panel and it’s icons but also your theme. If you do not like it you can change it all back to how it was or fiddle and play until you get it how YOU want it.


Step  3 Moblin Internet Browser

Well….not quite

Moblin used to have a really cracking internet web browser that was very similar to fennec but was actually Firefox based.

It too was minimalist and damn fast

If like me you never really warmed to chrome or chromium browser and Firefox just is not enough then this could help

Have a play with it and see for yourself.
It is still relatively new version of Firefox and felt like you back on the web in moblin

Open a terminal and again type sudo zipper install and copy and paste or drag the downloaded moblin Firefox browser and it will install the rpm

If you want to make the internet browser the default you can in the preferences button on the right hand side where in general you can tick to make moblin browser the default browser.


If all of this has worked AND you have followed my previous blog (HERE) on backgrounds and boot splash you will have a Meego that is up to date and looking like Moblin used to

Things to work on

1          I cannot seem to make the theme changes permanent yet but I have hidden all the other themes except Moblin and Mist in usr/share/icons in a back folder

2          I cannot yet make the Moblin internet browser update passwords
3          I cannot yet find the old moblin boot splash (it is somewhere in moblin but I WILL find it I am sure

4         I am also aware that meego will attempt to replace your mobin gtk engine because it is out of date technically but I am sure that this will be easy to put back so keep all the original downloaded files somewhere handy. In fact I am sure the next big Meego update will replace many things so back up now and redo later if necessary.

I hope you found this easy to follow. If not let me know or suggest any changes. Please also take the time to do a screen capture and show it off in the comments section below or in the Meego forums..the more people use this the better in my opinion.

If you get stuck ..try me on twitter or email using contacts in my profile...I am more than keen to help you as I was helped.

So alamantus....are you willing to give it a try ?

I am prepared to help where I can ..hopefully the guide is detailed enough (bit too detailed for many I am sure ) but give it a try and if you do ...post the results back here as a screen shot whether it works or not...remember back up as described and if you do not like it you can go back.

Now then

Kept my side of the bargain

Here was the challenge to others who have better graphics skills than me

You may remember the boot splash in moblin when you had installed it. Nice black and white thing which I replaced with the cat.png picture you can see on the blog

However I really wanted to have the black and white image back that Moblin used to have...

Now then, if this violates the meego licence thing (not my beef) please feel free to make it say meego and not moblin...after all it is the style I am interested in

Who is up for that then?

Answer was Meego user bcrawford who kindly worked on a really funky moblin boot screen here:

You can dowload from this directory directly and keep the name the same ie splash.png
bcrawfords moblin splash

Download this, open  terminal and type sudo nautilus then navigate to usr/share/plymouth and replace the splash.png file with this one. You could always rename the original one splash1.png and then copy and paste the new one in. That might be safer too if you change your mind!

I have updated this as I realised (after doing the above from memory) that my memory was missing a few er facts ! Sorry to have messed anyone around