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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Meego working better and a little nicer to look at


One of the smaller bug bears I had when Meego first came out was the actual look of it. I had previously been using Moblin which I have to say just worked for me visually as well as tech wise.

I never quite like the colour logos on the Myzone area nor the fonts or background images and boot screens.

So here is how I changed it all to the way I liked

1        Fonts – Three Easy steps

This was easy to do and is achieved by opening Applications>Settings>Wallpaper and Fonts>Fonts.
I always use Droid Sans fonts right across the board with my operating system so here I selected Droid Sans fonts and also made them a little bigger (eyesight gradually failing with length sat in front of netbook! )

Secondly I changed the fonts in Firefox which I use as my Internet Browser. Open Firefox>Edit>Preferences>Content>Fonts and Colours>Advanced. Again all the changeable fonts I made Droid Sans and again increased the font size slightly. Importantly here I unticked the option to allow web pages to show their own fonts – I am in control here not them J

Lastly in Open Office I went to Options and changed the fonts settings for the entire suite to be Droid Sans as per the picture below

2          Background

In MeeGo you can change the background/wallpaper in 2 ways. One is your classic wallpaper and one is the background for MyZone.
First, as in changing Fonts open

Applications  ;Settings ;Wallpaper and Fonts ;Wallpaper.

I have got the old Moblin Cat.png and Blue Screen which I copied  out of an old Moblin pen drive. You can get the files here at my dropbox



Blue Moblin Background

I stored them in Pictures so I do not delete them too easily. Back in Wallpapers and Fonts in Settings I then browse into my Picture Folder and select the one I want.

This sets the Meego Background but NOT that of the MyZone panel. This is changeable in 


and at the bottom you will see a box to select the background for MyZone Panel. Again click Browse to choose the image you want. Nothing to brash as it will clash with your posts/updates.

Lastly I rarely use the calendar feature or email alert so in this screen I also turn those features off which makes the Myzone panel wider and quite like a tablet I guess see below.  As you see you favourite application now run vertically down the left of your screen.

You could if you are feeling real social have no apps displayed at all like this where you remove all your favourite apps and just have twitter updates which is fine if all you use Meego for is twitter, last fm and the internet

Bit strange and I like firefox and other apps but I did this to show you 

2        Sorting the boot splashes

I fear I may be in a minority  with this but when I first used Meego the little boot and shutdown screens really really got on my nerves. The just looked a bit too cartoony for me. However I had not the faintest idea how to change them until I learnt in another version of Ubuntu Moblin Remix to get rid of the brown background that kept me for years away from Ubuntu and satying with Kubuntu

The answer as I found out through a few well placed ‘how to change ugly brown ubuntu boot’ google searches was actually quite easy and involved copying the image I want into the depths of the file system but using a very clever trick.

The current boot and shutdown images are located here in which I show you how to edit below. Seemed safe enough to do and two months later it still boots fine and dandy.

As shown below but just moving/copying your image into that folder does not change it. The system is saying for boot splash go to this folder and use image named so you have to rename your image as that so in this case it is called plymouth splash

This means opening your file browser (nautilus) as root via a terminal with a sudo nautilus

Here you can navigate by clicking through the file system or learn another new trick and pressing ctrl and L to get an editable location bar in nautilus where you paste in the location of the files


Use this if you like which is the old Moblin splash background that Meego also use but unlike the other one does not have a Moblin logo at the bottom.

Shutdown splash is here

Personally I actually really like the image above..good strong brand image I guess...although I do not pretend to understand marketing :)

I also managed to extract another image from the old Moblin live pen drive which I think will be useful. It used to be part of the old install screen GUI

I always thought it would make a good boot splash intro but the sizing I do ot yet understand how to edit. Maybe you do so here it is

This will take you straight to that location. There you will see tw
In a new tab then locate your own image you want for the boot screen or shutdown screen. Copy it to the same place as the original by dragging it across.
Now for a sneaky trick learnt by guess work (broken many pcs with guess work mind you L)
In the first tab click the original image and hit f2 to rename it. Copy the name as it is and then before the .png etc add a 1. This file is now changed. Now save the change then select the new image you want, hit f2 to rename it and Paste the name of the original file in there.It now is the original file. Save it and then change the shutdown image the same way.

You have basically hoodwinked your pc to select your image not its own just by renaming some files. By all means keep the original there renamed just in case you want to revert back to it later. When you reboot you should now see your changes take place.

I tend to use the same image to boot with as my desktop background as it makes for a clearer boot splash from BIOS to internet for me with less screen changes.

Now I feel I am getting somewhere at last with messing around with my PC all I will need to change is the icons on the MyZone Panel to be white like on Moblin and also lose the Meego Icon although the latter is not essential .

One of the other things I did after getting rid of the old Meego shutdown splash was to get rid of the are you sure you want to shut down script which I did using advice from the Meego Forums here




I think I did
sudo gedit /etc/acpi/actions/power.sh

and then added


shutdown -h now

I have also failed to back permenant theme changes in Meego 1.1.

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