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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sorting Skype video and sound in Meego 1.1

Getting Skype installed is easy enough but the sounds and video set up can be a nightmare in many cases but I managed with many attempts to bumble my way through it so it works

Ok so in Meego 1.1 skype font look a little weird but it works and when you have signed your licence agreement and logged in you can get going easy enough

On my Lenovo S10 -2 I have an internal webcam and built in microphone.

After Skype opens click the little Blue button on the bottom left and then select Options

In options select Video Devices and then tick all the boxes I have and then click test as I have just done here (note I am writing this on my Ubuntu desktop so yours may look a little different!) (and yes your picture will/should be YOU!)

If you get a picture Hooray

If not head over to Meego forums and ask around

Next you need to sort the sounds out

Hit Apply and then select  Sound Devices and you can test if yuo have sound and a mic by clicking both test. You will need to speak to test the mic set up

If you can not hear the test sound then obviously you may not hear if your microphone works so here is how I fixed it

Ages ago I had the same issue in Moblin and found that I had to set up my sound mixer using a programme called xfce4-mixer which does what it says.

Open a terminal and type
sudo zypper install xfce4-mixer

Once installed you will have a new application in Media apps called Mixer. Start this up and in the bottom left (see Picture) you will see that you can select Controls
You can also select your sound card which should show the name of your Sound card or input or output (top in the middle see in the picture mine says HDA Intel)

You can see on the picture my microphones have a red X which if you click will turn on. Adjust the levels to suit (not too much or you will get feedback!)

Detailed info re xfce4-mixer is on the web here


This will effectively choose your input source (you only need 1)

You can also do this with the terminal using sudo alsamixer but I think this method has been easier to sort for me

When finished go back to Skype and retest and it should be working

Hope that helps

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