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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sorting Mp3 playback in Meego 1.1

Getting your sounds sorted in Meego 1.1

This could not be easier now. In 5 easy steps

My preference was that as I was in a hurry and had an account I would use the codecs provided by Fluendo   but you will need an account which is free and then you need to choose the rpm provided (not the binary files or any other files)

1. Go here


2. Get an account (unless you have one already then login!)

3.  Choose the free mp3 codec pack and that labelled for fedora suse etc and hit download.This will then download the rpm (mp3 codec package) in to your download folder

Do not install automatically but select save the files  and then via your terminal get into your download folder or whereever your downloads are told to go ) via 
4. Open your terminal and type 
cd Downloads  (or as above where ever you choose to drop downloads)
5 Type sudo zypper install fluendo-codecs-mp3-12-4.i386.rpm and enter your password
This will install the codecs for you 
Your mp3 should now work in Banshee so load them up and make sure to get Banshee to scan your music collection
Some people have said it only works after a reboot but with me it worked straight away.
Good luck and let me know if I have mistyped anything or missed anything out  


Cristian said...

Hi, i try it, but not works! Do you any update about this?

S said...

It worked! Acer Aspire One Zg5 Meego 1.1... Thanks!