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Monday, November 22, 2010

Meego 1.1 - Making me work for me!

Setting up Meego 1.1

This required the following changes which I will run through on future blogs

Sorting Sounds ie loading mp3 codecs and music from my other hard drive

Installation of Skype, Dropbox, Open Office 

Sorting out Twitter, Instant Messaging and Email

Installation of Firefox

Installation of VLC

Sorting the look and feel of Meego

Syncing with calenders etc

With all of the above now complete I could get on a 'use' it properly. I am now in a position where I can work, communicate and listen to music.

The good news for me is that since last Wednesday I have had no crashes that I can remember and more importantly no temptation to change the system. Which is a first!

I still have a few issues I could do with sorting which I will sort via updates and or guidance from others

The main issue at the moment is that changing themes is really not possible via 
sudo gnome-appearance-properties
which should enable me to change icons/menu appearance etc but at the moment this does not seem to function.

I would also like to change the menu bar around a little.

This is from now..updating from Leeds during a quick lunch break...and no surprises it has the moblin background theme.

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