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Monday, November 22, 2010

Meego 1.1 - Let's give it another bash then

.....Oh go on then!

Well I switched over to Meego again following several months of constantly switching back to and from Ubuntu and Moblin. I had finally gotten Moblin working to about the best I possibly could ....but the lack of ability to get the Twitter application synchronizing properly as well as a few other bugs meant I was unhappy and at the moment Ubuntu either with their excellent 10.04 or Unity Netbook edition just were not working well enough for me. I think the biggest gripe with those two has to be with the Empathy/Gwibber service running through the 'me menu'. This just does not seem to work in the same snappy way that it does via Moblin or for that matter Meego's Myzone.

I had first tried Meego with the release of Meego 1.0 (see other previous meego blogs on here) back earlier in spring but at the time it was a little tricksy but I could get it to replicate most of the functions of Moblin very well.However it just did not look as nice in my opinion and needed a little work on it for my liking.

When Meego 1.1 was released I assumed that many of these issues would have disappeared but at first I failed miserably to get it to install . However last week I had a little spare time and tried again following a rather disastrous week that saw my netbook with three operating systems in less than two hours.

So lets get it installed!

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