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Monday, November 22, 2010

Meego 1.1 - Let's get it installed first


Installing it was a breeze after downloading an .IMG file from meego.com  Meego 1.1 image file

I used the image-writer method on the site and installed it to a pen drive. 

Image Writer (recommended, requires Python >=2.4)

Image Writer is a small python executable script that detects your USB drive and writes the image to it. The advantage of using image writer is that it will not inadvertently overwrite your system hard drive. Download Image Writer

Warning...right click and save the above in your home folder or downloads then open a terminal and

1 cd (this will get you into the download folder or if you put it in your home folder just check by typing ls (list). There you will see the IMG file. I would select and copy the name of it
2 chmod a+x ./image-writer  (this sets it up) 
3 sudo  ./image-writer

You will then be able to write the image onto your usb pen drive..it does not take long

After a quick live USB test I rebooted it and installed wiping off the other (now broken earlier) Ubuntu system. After a very quick installation and reboot I filled out my details and set about the usual laborious but getting smaller task of setting up my netbook post installation.

As I have a Lenovo S10 -2 this usually means sorting out a wi-fi driver for my Broadcom wireless which I usually do using Slaine.org excellent and now updated guide for Meego 1.1 here (http://slaine.org/_slaine/Meego_1.1_Wifi.html). This however did not work even with his updated guide which was not a good omen for me. However I knew (as I keep an eye on the Meego Netbook forum forum.meego.com) that there was a community repo which also had the necessary wl-kmod programme that I needed. 

Community Repo/Wifi

This repo needed adding first which I did following the guide here (COMMUNITY REPO)following which I did a quick update noting that Meego now uses zypper instead of yum. Therefore in a terminal I quickly did sudo zypper refresh and sudo zypper update (I was unsure which would be best so did both!) I then installed the WL-KMOD programme that would sort my wireless by typing in a terminal 

sudo zypper install wl-kmod.

Following installation I rebooted and set about making Meego more suited to me. Wireless was now sorted and I was good to go..see....now it is set up ?

Next I need to sort it out so it is how I like it...as you see above I have started while briefly waiting for stuff to work

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