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Friday, September 10, 2010

OK so when it goes wrong. How to make Ubuntu look like Moblin a little more!

One of the most annoying things about messing with the operating system is that when you reinstall you lose all of your settings and themes that you like. This for me is even more annoying as one of the reasons I stick with Moblin is the looks and themes that come with it. 

When I end up breaking it (see previous and numerous examples) I make it easier by making the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (10.04 ) more like Moblin in its appearance. This can be quite easy and many alternatives exist that look moblin esque as a quick search on OMG Ubuntu will show.

However if like me you are not that interested in complete themes but just go for the it's good enough look but don't like what is on Ubuntu at the moment then here is an easy guide which will give you not one but two desktop backgrounds ( which you can download from here) as well as Moblin icons and fonts which you can get from the current repositories that you currently have in Ubuntu Netbook remix. The results of which give you netbook a fresher look and a more Moblin feel.

Step one : Fonts – Install Moblin Droid Sans Fonts

The default font in Moblin is Droid Sans (which is already in Ubuntu Universe repositories) and is described as a hand held device font.
To download for Ubuntu open a terminal and enter the following code
sudo apt-get install ttf-droid which will install all of these

These will automatically be installed as system fonts
To set them up go to open System>Preference>Appearance>Fonts and select Droid Sans to replace all the fonts there remembering to put in the Droid Sans Bold and Droid Sans Mono where applicable.

This is all you need to do. I do sometimes find that the Netbook fonts on my netbook are a little too small so instead of size 10 I use size 11.

Step 2
Background /Wallpaper
Maybe it is because I have use Moblin that much that I have just got used to the wallpapers that come with it.
These default ones are the Blue Energy Theme and the Cat which you can download to your Picture folder from here:



Again to set these up go to System>Preference>Appearance>Background and click Add and browse through to your folder where you have saved the pictures above (Tip) If you put them in Pictures and not Downloads you are less likely to tidy them up and delete them ( as I did . Twice!)
Click on the image you prefer ( I change them every now and again) and it will be your Desktop Background.

Step Three – Icons

This again is available still through the repos and installable by opening a terminal and entering the following code. These are leftovers from the old Ubuntu Moblin remix experiment which was shelved unfortunetly.

sudo apt-get install moblin-icon-theme

This will download and install quickly all the icons needed

To get these working again go to System>Preference>Appearance>Theme and select Customize and Click the Icons Tab to scroll down and select Moblin.
After a reboot or log in and log out you will find more and more Moblin type icons appearing.

If you really want you can also install the Moblin Style Cursor via the same method ie
sudo apt-get install moblin-cursor-theme

Then System>Preference>Appearance>Theme and select Customize and Click the Pointer Tab and select Moblin

Further work or alternatives
You could always try some other Moblin based themes such as mobslim theme package from http://gnome-look.org/ and search for Moblin
These you download as tar.gz files and install via System>Preference>Appearance>Theme and select Install and click on the tar.gz folder but I found a few errors and it needed a Mist theme ( again search Mist on the same site and a moblin-netbook-engine file which is available from here

There are a few other alternatives which you can also explore but never interested me
that much here


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