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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Updating Moblin with Broadcom wifi fix

How to update Moblin 2.1 to run the final test kernel version from December

This was a particularly bug bear for many people who had Broadcom wifi drivers who had been using the fix on Slaine.org wonderful site to get Broadcom wireless working on netbooks with Broadcom WiFi.

When it was installed it worked every time. For those who like to tinker around (and break things) like me I noticed that with the arrival expected of Meego and the demise of a Moblin 2.2 Moblin was stuck with a Kernel from November 2009 (hardly ancient). I noticed that under Software Catalogues there were 2 magic other boxes marked Testing and Development. Both of which appeared to look like an open invitation to have to reinstall Moblin again.

I was right!

Immediately I hit alt + f2 and ran Software Catalogues

See picture  

I managed to tick both the testing and Developmental boxes see belowWhen this happened I got an error message for the Development source repo which has since been removed but also got a notice that there were upgrade available (2)

The updates were connected to the browser bookmarks and a Kernel Update. The first time I ran the update everything ran smoothly and I rebooted. Upon reboot though my wifi had disappeared completely. I have found out since that the kernel update notes mention turning of B43 which I can only assume means the wifi. Who knows!

No wifi and no way of reinstalling it meant reinstalling Moblin all over again. Several times I tried this but to no avail but recently had a brain wave!

What if I ran the updates and then reinstalled the wifi fix from Slaine.org not using the rpm he so kindly made but directly from source.

So ...cut to today and I have updated the sources again and rebooted to loose my wifi again. This time I ran the obtain the wifi drivers from sources which is a more long winded process I am used to doing in Meego but I was unsure if they would work BUT they did. So after running the test updates (both of the them and installing) I rebooted. Plugged in the ethernet cable and ran the following in a terminal from the Slaine site.

sudo yum install rpmdevtools
sudo yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
sudo yum install kernel-netbook-devel
     wget http://slaine.org/moblin/releases/2.1/ia32/source/wl-kmod-
rpmbuild --rebuild --target=i586 wl-kmod-
sudo rpm -ivh ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/i586/wl-kmod-

This seemed to work fine and dandy. 

I then ran sudo reboot and when rebooted and my wifi was back and working again.

Great Success!

Now running kernel-netbook- and got wifi back


Just a small note. I thought that perhaps initially removing and then reinstalling the original 
wl-kmod app would fix it but it did not

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Getting Pino working in Meego

If like me you liked Moblin and tried Meego but got frustrated at the lack of support for using identi.ca etc then you can now use Pino.


The first time I tried to install it it failed and trying it from the command line was no good so I downloaded the rpm direct from here:


When it has downloaded, move the rpm file from your download folder into your home folder and then fire up terminal.

Pino on ubuntu courtesy of OMG ubuntu

Type ls and you will see the rpm in the home folder, as with other guides here copy the name of the pino rpm and run a sudo yum local install script like this with no gpg check

sudo yum localinstall pino-0.2.10-1.fc12.al.i686.rpm --nogpgcheck

This will then start the installation of the programme as well as a couple of dependencies.

You can navigate to the applications and there is pino under the Internet section.

Start it up and click' add' to enter in your account details and it should start automatically

Good Luck !

Here it is on my lenovo s10-2

Let me know if you run into any problems or have suggestions..you can also use this for your twitter account. I am afraid that I am not sure if this runs in Moblin though. Next time I break Meego I will try Moblin :)