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Friday, June 04, 2010

Meego : Back on the road again

Well after a week of having to have a stable platform for my netbook I reinstalled Meego again:

a To test it properly and learn more
b To put right all the things I did wrong last time :)

It was very easy to install and I had created a todo list beforehand to get me on the right road.

I use a Lenovo S10-2 and was happy enough to do a fresh install and wipe the hard drive. I also needed to:

  1. Get the Broadcom wireless working (see previous blog)
  2. Get Open Office working (as above)
  3. Get Skype up and running (as above)
  4. Get Banshee playing mp3 and some radio (as above)
  5. Get BBC i-player working
  6. Set up Twitter and some instant messaging
  7. Install Dropbox
  8. Get connected with my local network
  9. Drop some music on my netbook
  10. Get on and use it properly for a while

1 -4

Well, I got to stage 4 and got mp3 playing directly but could not install the banshee community extensions that would have given me access to shoutcast and icecast using this guide
I followed it as best as I coudl but as a novice to using git sources I got stuck and although it seemed to install Foo it never appeared on Banshee :(
One for another time perhaps as it was time to crack on.

 Wifi Note
One word to note. Slaine.org site gives a good guide to installing broadcom wireless drivers that mean you do have to install a fair fewdevelopment packages and need a wired connection obviously. However it is easy to follow and using copy and paste I was done in no time. In fact I did that, the open office, mp3, skype and  dropbox and then rebooted the system as the system needs a reboot to start the wireless. Thanks again for the Slaine.org site :)

5 BBC Success!

The BBC I-Player website worked straight out of the box in Google Chromium which was good as I had some Radio 3 on as I worked. It was good to think that I did not have to download another set of codecs. Mind you I have yet to watch the TV player..will come back if it does not work

6 Twitter and other social stuff
Twitter was a doddle to sort this time and with Instant Messaging I could do Jabber MSN and Yahoo but the bug with AIM and ICQ remain although there is talk of a fix on the web here http://live.gnome.org/Empathy/FAQ#I_can.27t_connect_to_my_AIM.2BAC8-ICQ_account_anymore
It is not on my priority list as I use these less and less so I will wait to sort

7 Dropbox
This was strange as I have an account, downloaded the rpm and did a local install as I did with the mp3 codecs and the dropbox application was installed but it did alter my repos which blocked any updates so I had to delete the new dropbox repo which was in

 This meant me having to open a terminal, typing sudo nautilus to get root control access to the file browser and then opening the folder above and deleting the dropbox repo.  Weird but I do not know why it was messing up

8 Local Network

I have various PCs/Laptops on my LAN which all have access via Samba to the Music etc stored on my largest drives to save duplication. These are all Ubuntu/Kubuntu pcs but I cannot access the windowshares within my local network using Meego. I have put a question about this on the Meego forum here to see if I can shed some light on it Meego Question re Networking/Samba
I also tried to get some help from the meego irc group but got nowhere at all despite lots of advice

9 Music
Plugging mp3 player into the usb pen drive was fine. It showed up in the devices but when I tried to import the date nothing much happened so I copied it across to the Music folder directly in nautilus (file browser). It transferred fairly quickly too.

10 Get on with it
With all of that done and as I was going to be working from home I got on and used the netbook all day with no crashes save Chromium crashing a few times.
I also installed and sync my Gmail and other email but could not get an exchange plugin for evolution.

It was a little easier to use 2nd time around and I actually enjoyed using it a little more too so well done team

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