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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to install Open Office on Moblin 2.1 and Meego

Getting Moblin ready for work - Using Open Office in Moblin 2.1

Ok so you are using Moblin and you have played with all the games, music etc and surfed the web

So now you need to get on with your work or studies and starting producing some work.

You could install abiword through the moblin application installer which is an ok word processor and very light weight so fits well in Moblin but I am sure many of you will be thinking of needing a little bigger application so like me you can install Open Office.

Well the good news is you can and it also is not that hard to do. Anyway I managed it so it cannot be all that bad. Indeed I found this to be easier than using moblins installer programme.

Downloading the application

Firstly use your internet browser and google for open office download

This will take you to www.download.openoffice.org

There are a list of downloads but the top one will download the package with all the Open Office suite for your netbook/laptop (right click and save as ...which will save it in your download folder)

When it has downloaded open up your download folder in your home directory (alt+f2 and type file browser) and locate the openoffice package ( a tar.gz archive package) and right click on it and select : Open with “Archive Manager”

It will open up a dialogue like this:

Click once on the object and Press Ctrl + E to extract it.

Another dialogue appears here:

Select your home folder (in my case as you can see it is called andy and then press the extract button at the bottom

Another box will show progress like this 

When complete press close.This has extracted a large number of folders with rpm packages in them which will install open office.

So we have downloaded and extracted a package for new version open office which now sits in the Home Folder. Next we actually need to install it

Installing Open Office

Here we get to use the terminal very quickly and very easily. Firstly we fire up a terminal Alt+F2 and type terminal. Click on the terminal programme. We now need to get into the folder we have downloaded and install it which could not be more straightforward.

In the terminal type; ls ( a lowercase l and lowercase s together)
This lists all the files in your home directory like here:

With your mouse you need to select the name of the extracted file. Here it was called 000320_m12_native_packed-1_en-US.9843

Select that and type cd 000320_m12_native_packed-1_en-US.9843

This will put you into the folder

Now type ls again in the terminal and it will list all the things in it
Now type sudo ./setup

This tells the pc to run the setup programme gui and you will be asked to put in your password. It will open a series of boxes that are very easy to follow and usually require you to hit next. Follow all the instructions as shown and open office will be installed.

Once installed you can also get moblin to put Open Office Writer on your myzone page along with you other favourite applications by hitting Alt+f2 typing 'writer' and then you will see an icon with a pin next to it when you hover over it. Push the pin in and it will appear in your myzone page. While you are at it put some more of your favourite programmes in there at the same time. You can have about 8 and remove those ones you do not use.

Editing your favourite programmes in Moblin MyZone

Hit Alt and F2

Straight away you will see all your favourite applications at the top which should now include Open Office Writer

You can hover over each one and remove which ever you do not use. For instance you can lose the help, media player and web browser etc etc by pushing the pin icon back out ie the opposite of what you did above


Adrian said...

Thanks you men, good tutorial !!!

DJ Maxxi said...

I can't see installed program. Where i can find it? I also cant see Pidgin:/

R.SHARATH said...

Thanks, it worked really well. i was thinking of leaving mblin as it cannot open word files.

Anonymous said...

I want to install OpenOffice on my laptop, thanks guide download, and install OpenOffice it.