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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moblin and Internet Radio

Moblin gets some sounds!

How to install Internet Radio plug in for Rhythmbox on Moblin

Well after many trials with the Moblin media player with radio I got nowhere and after recently trying Ubuntu Netbook Remix I got to like the Rhythmbox Player they used. I managed to install a radio plug in to search for shoutcast and icecast radio stations.

Let's assume that you have installed Moblin on your netbook or laptop and have tried a few things as well as sorted wireless internet access if you need it and sorted out how to play mp3s (if not see my earlier posts)


The first thing you will have to do is install Moblin's Rhythmbox which if you hit Alt and F2 you can choose the Moblin Application Installer. When this fires up you can choose under Media you will see Rhythmbox. Click install next to the icon and wait for it to install.

When installed you will need to open Rhythmbox and edit the layout a little to show the various plugins by maximising the size of the Rhythmbox player and dragging the windows into shape.

You will need to open the Rhythmbox plugins tool under edit and select radio and which ever else you like ( eg for Last FM if you ever use that)

Now you need to install another plugin from the very helpful people here

They have developed a plugin that is easy to download in a deb file for Ubuntu users but you will need to follow the instructions to download the source code

Don't Panic as this will give you another reusable Moblin Skill :)

First where it has Other Linux versions you will need to download the archive folder


The Moblin internet browser will ask if you want the archive manager to open it when downloaded. Select that and then when it has downloaded (it is very small) the archive manager will open. You can choose to extract it using the button in the centre of the panel and extract it to your home folder (which ever you have named it, mine is Andy)

Next you will need to open the terminal programme (Alt +F2 and type Terminal)
If you type the following as shown


This will list the docs and folders you have in the Home Directory Documents/Downloads etc and the newly extracted folder called rhythmbox-radio-browser-2.0


cd rhythmbox-radio-browser-2.0

This will take your terminal into the folder (cd = changes directory)

Then type


This will install the plugin

Close the terminal and rhythmbox and reopen rhythmbox again and open the plugins under edit as before. The internet radio browser will be there now which you can tick and it should open up under the other plug ins such as radio etc. It will attempt to download a list of radio stations from Icecast and Shoutcast which you can search to your hearts content.

For instance on mine there was a local folder and there you can select your country (United Kingdom for instance) and browse for suitable stations. When you find them, click on them and if you like you can play or bookmark them. Alternatively you can enter text into the search bar such as blues or jazz and a list will come up

Happy listening

Good stations
Cyber Fm Rhythm and Blues
Otto baroque

Things to watch for

The guide on the web refers to internet radio version 1.9 but you will download a newer version so refer to that eg 2.0 etc

You will have also learnt as I did a reliable way of installing Linux Programmes from archive folders like tar.gz

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