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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tips for newbies on Moblin

Tips for newbies on Moblin


A few tips

You have installed Moblin or got a new netbook with Moblin on it and you have got past the fancy dancy button things; sorted your wireless; got some sounds and your mp3s are banging?

If not see my archive posts

So a few tips to help you on your way


If like me you tried Moblin or are still on a live pen drive you will be scratching around thinking what is my password for the terminal or to do any admin work.
If you have installed the system it was the password you entered twice during that installation.

If you are still running a live pen drive then hit Alt + f2 and in a terminal type
a password input will come up
type moblin

That will be your password!

I am sure it is that by default but it worked for me! After a long while of messing about

Where are all my files etc?

Your files are in a home folder which you can access by hitting Alt + f2 and type file browser

This opens up your file browser

Looks easy but believe me late at night, after a large glass of vino collapso..logic and ease are not best friends with me!

What is with all this Alt + F2?

You can access your applications in the main console on the top row next to zones, internet with your mouse or pointer or sometimes more quickly by hitting the alt key next to your space bar and the F2 button on the top of your keyboard.

This automatically fires up the application chooser

Next Skype

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