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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Wireless to work on Moblin on a Lenovo S10 -2 Netbook

How to install Wireless Broadcom Drivers on Moblin

I followed an updated guide written by Greg Slaine from here

Greg's site

This was written for a Dell Mini 9 wireless which are the same as in the Lenovo

Follow this to the letter and then reboot.

Here is what he wrote

The Dell Mini 9 uses a broadcom wireless device which doesn’t have native support in the standard Moblin V2 distribution.

What you’ll need

Unfortunately, as with most situations like this, you’ll need a wired connection active in order to download the appropriate files.

Please visit the Broadcom site to read the details on the license of this driver


For those of you wanting to just get up and running, then I’ve setup a repository on slaine.org with the binary and source rpms I’ve created for Moblin.

Download rpm here

If doing so on Moblin, then the PackageKit GUI will be triggered where you will be prompted for a password to install it. This will enable the repository on your system.

From there you can use the PackageKit GUI in the Applications/Settings section (search for wl-kmod) or just via yum on the command line ...

sudo yum install wl-kmod


What I did (as I was very nervous and had got unstuck with this on the first attempt ) was :

Install moblin

Plug in a connection to my broadband

Get a webpage up and access Greg's site

Click on the rpm files at slain.org.

They downloaded and installed when I put in my password automatically

I then hit Alt+ F2

Typed terminal and when that opened pasted the sudo yum install command above

This installed the wireless

My Netbook then offered a load of updates which I installed automatically

I then rebooted and unplugged the wired connection

When booted I clicked the wireless on and waited for my wireless to appear which it did pretty quickly and I was done!

Big thanks to Greg

Now to sort my sounds out!


Bob said...

I tried this but ran into a root password restriction. Sudo requires a root password, any idea of the root password for Moblin or how you can add the Moblin account to the sudoers file

Andy's Blue Note World said...

I am really sorry Bob for the delay>hope you get to see this

The root password is what you entered for the password when (if) you installed moblin. If it is not installed you will not be able to do this wifi fix.

So when if you password was bob for login that is your root password