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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Skype to work on Moblin

Skype and Moblin

This was the thing that when I first installed Moblin beat me :(

However not to be beaten ( well not too often!) I tried again

There was a clever person claiming on Moblin's site here:
Clever chappie

that it was easy after all so determined to prove them wrong (only joking matey!) I tried to prove an idiots guide is not all it is cracked up to be and precludes real idiots ...like me!

However despite my best endeavours

It worked

So I fired up the terminal programme
alt +F2 then typed terminal

Paste this in your terminal as it is
sudo gedit /etc/yum.repos.d/skype.repo

Enter your password

Note the space after gedit and full stops between 'yum.repos.d' I did not and it did not work!

This opens a file in your repositories called skype repo using a text editor 'gedit'

Here you copy and paste in the following info as it is shown here:

name=Skype Repository

Save the file under File or ctrl and s

Go back to the terminal programme and paste the following command

sudo yum install skype

Skype is now installing! :)

You can access the skype programme in the applications section under internet or type skype after hitting alt + F2

Here is a thing. When I installed this. It did not start straight away. However after I had rebooted later it was there and ready to go.



MTuman said...

I have installed and re-installed Skype and eventually Moblin multiple times; have tried straight download of Fedora from Skype site and Andy's instruction at least half dozen times; re-installing Moblin in the process, and SKYPE will NOT run, which means (as this netbook is for my wife) I cannot use Moblin. ANy suggestions would be gladly accepted - thanks! Myron Tuman

Andy's Blue Note World said...

Sorry you have had trouble with this. It worked for me but sometimes when I have done this with others there is an error appears. Try running it from the terminal and there maybe a liboss error if I remember

Alex Gold said...

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