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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Getting mp3 on Moblin 2.1

Mp3 and Moblin

Well. I got it wired up installed and then wireless. Now to get some sounds working!

The built in media player does not have mp3 codecs built in so you have to install them yourself . Again a few bad efforts and trials to install other players led me to this brilliant solution

Again thanks to Greg for sorting this on his brilliant site here which now after he has undated the wireless drivers etc now has a section on getting codecs that you will need to play mp3 files etc on Moblin

It is very easy as most of the work has already happened if you followed his wireless guide for Broadcom wireless earlier.

So now follow his guide here :

Installing MP3 codecs for Moblin

Basically open up a terminal (Alt + F2)

Paste this command in
sudo yum install gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-ugly gst-ffmpeg

Enter your password
Stick some mp3s on a pen drive into your netbook

Click on them or transfer them across

Bob's Your uncle!


Thanks Greg and of course Gstreamer!

Next ...Skype! and some basic Moblin work

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