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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Skype to work on Moblin

Skype and Moblin

This was the thing that when I first installed Moblin beat me :(

However not to be beaten ( well not too often!) I tried again

There was a clever person claiming on Moblin's site here:
Clever chappie

that it was easy after all so determined to prove them wrong (only joking matey!) I tried to prove an idiots guide is not all it is cracked up to be and precludes real idiots ...like me!

However despite my best endeavours

It worked

So I fired up the terminal programme
alt +F2 then typed terminal

Paste this in your terminal as it is
sudo gedit /etc/yum.repos.d/skype.repo

Enter your password

Note the space after gedit and full stops between 'yum.repos.d' I did not and it did not work!

This opens a file in your repositories called skype repo using a text editor 'gedit'

Here you copy and paste in the following info as it is shown here:

name=Skype Repository

Save the file under File or ctrl and s

Go back to the terminal programme and paste the following command

sudo yum install skype

Skype is now installing! :)

You can access the skype programme in the applications section under internet or type skype after hitting alt + F2

Here is a thing. When I installed this. It did not start straight away. However after I had rebooted later it was there and ready to go.


Tips for newbies on Moblin

Tips for newbies on Moblin


A few tips

You have installed Moblin or got a new netbook with Moblin on it and you have got past the fancy dancy button things; sorted your wireless; got some sounds and your mp3s are banging?

If not see my archive posts

So a few tips to help you on your way


If like me you tried Moblin or are still on a live pen drive you will be scratching around thinking what is my password for the terminal or to do any admin work.
If you have installed the system it was the password you entered twice during that installation.

If you are still running a live pen drive then hit Alt + f2 and in a terminal type
a password input will come up
type moblin

That will be your password!

I am sure it is that by default but it worked for me! After a long while of messing about

Where are all my files etc?

Your files are in a home folder which you can access by hitting Alt + f2 and type file browser

This opens up your file browser

Looks easy but believe me late at night, after a large glass of vino collapso..logic and ease are not best friends with me!

What is with all this Alt + F2?

You can access your applications in the main console on the top row next to zones, internet with your mouse or pointer or sometimes more quickly by hitting the alt key next to your space bar and the F2 button on the top of your keyboard.

This automatically fires up the application chooser

Next Skype

Getting Wireless to work on Moblin on a Lenovo S10 -2 Netbook

How to install Wireless Broadcom Drivers on Moblin

I followed an updated guide written by Greg Slaine from here

Greg's site

This was written for a Dell Mini 9 wireless which are the same as in the Lenovo

Follow this to the letter and then reboot.

Here is what he wrote

The Dell Mini 9 uses a broadcom wireless device which doesn’t have native support in the standard Moblin V2 distribution.

What you’ll need

Unfortunately, as with most situations like this, you’ll need a wired connection active in order to download the appropriate files.

Please visit the Broadcom site to read the details on the license of this driver


For those of you wanting to just get up and running, then I’ve setup a repository on slaine.org with the binary and source rpms I’ve created for Moblin.

Download rpm here

If doing so on Moblin, then the PackageKit GUI will be triggered where you will be prompted for a password to install it. This will enable the repository on your system.

From there you can use the PackageKit GUI in the Applications/Settings section (search for wl-kmod) or just via yum on the command line ...

sudo yum install wl-kmod


What I did (as I was very nervous and had got unstuck with this on the first attempt ) was :

Install moblin

Plug in a connection to my broadband

Get a webpage up and access Greg's site

Click on the rpm files at slain.org.

They downloaded and installed when I put in my password automatically

I then hit Alt+ F2

Typed terminal and when that opened pasted the sudo yum install command above

This installed the wireless

My Netbook then offered a load of updates which I installed automatically

I then rebooted and unplugged the wired connection

When booted I clicked the wireless on and waited for my wireless to appear which it did pretty quickly and I was done!

Big thanks to Greg

Now to sort my sounds out!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Getting mp3 on Moblin 2.1

Mp3 and Moblin

Well. I got it wired up installed and then wireless. Now to get some sounds working!

The built in media player does not have mp3 codecs built in so you have to install them yourself . Again a few bad efforts and trials to install other players led me to this brilliant solution

Again thanks to Greg for sorting this on his brilliant site here which now after he has undated the wireless drivers etc now has a section on getting codecs that you will need to play mp3 files etc on Moblin

It is very easy as most of the work has already happened if you followed his wireless guide for Broadcom wireless earlier.

So now follow his guide here :

Installing MP3 codecs for Moblin

Basically open up a terminal (Alt + F2)

Paste this command in
sudo yum install gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-ugly gst-ffmpeg

Enter your password
Stick some mp3s on a pen drive into your netbook

Click on them or transfer them across

Bob's Your uncle!


Thanks Greg and of course Gstreamer!

Next ...Skype! and some basic Moblin work

Testing Moblin 2.1


Moblin is an open source project focused on building a Linux-based platform optimized for the next generation of mobile devices including Netbooks, Mobile Internet Devices, and In-vehicle infotainment systems.I saw a news item for it and liked what I saw so downloaded a live pen drive image. Guidance for all of this is here:


The first thing that I noticed when I downloaded the live image and tested on my netbook was how good it looked.

Easy to use.

Easy on the eye.

Wireless (less!)

The big test was made easier when I showed my wife who is newish to pcs but who immediately said that it made sense and she could understand where things would be.

The immediate issues I could see was no wireless and no mp3 support. Both of which I could find other people had found issues with. The Broadcom wireless on the Lenovo needed drivers as it does when I installed Ubuntu or Kubuntu on it.

However unlike in Ubuntu and Kubuntu no GUI came up with a request to download and install the relevant drivers. The network connections zone in moblin just said that wireless was unavailable.

A quick google search came up solutions from within the community which is what I love about using Open Source software.:-)

Having only a basic pen drive image I could not test whether this would work so delayed any further work until I could try an install.

I recently got tempted to try as I had tried and successfully installed other fixes and was getting more confident ( aka fool hardy) I am speeding up my new system install time on both Ubuntu Netbook and Kubuntu so can always reinstall if I so wish.

Installing Moblin

I have to say two things here.

1 The install GUI is a little blocky and old fashioned unlike the nice new posh GUI for Ubuntu etc but

2 It installed Moblin very fast indeed. In fact I thought it had not installed it at all.

So now to get wireless on the netbook